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Which Type of Wine Enthusiast Are You?

I figure wine enthusiasts fall into at least three categories. There are those who see wine as an expression of art & soul; something much bigger than the bottle in hand. Some are looking for a trophy to admire and enjoy while communicating who they are. While others want an enjoyable beverage to have on its own or to accompany a meal; better yet, if perceived to be a deal.

I imagine that many of us fall into all of these categories depending on the moment and the wine. None is more, “noble” than another, but I do wonder if the emphasis on trophy wines & their accompaning scores has taken away from plain ordinary enjoyment and/or a realization of the hard work and wonder that goes into making a beautiful wine.

In other words, is the emphasis on scores and consequent perceived worth driving the soul out of winemaking? Or worse, is it motivating winemakers to use the, “score formula” rather than working with the season and the vineyard to define each wine. Is wine a product of nature; a story of place, one season and all the hard working hands & hearts that make it or is it all about manipulation in the winery, marketing bluster & dazzle. I know it is not as black and white as this, but I hope the historical soul of wine making isn’t lost to “modernization”, the need to drive sales or the ever present ego.

Your thoughts?

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