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Back at It…

Sorry for the lack of entries over the last few weeks…Whew! Sometimes life just gets in the way…

I always expect summer to be that lazy break between the craziness of Spring & Fall…silly girl…that just isn’t true!  Three great winemaker dinners in Houston, Texas, marketing the yummy 2004 Estate, ’07 Wild Iris & ’05 Three Stones, final blending of the 2006 Estate & the 2006 Three Stones, preparing the 2005 release…even more yummy?…, sadly assessing 2008 frost damage production loss, label changes for the 2006 Three Stones, preparing for the ’08 harvest….& joyfully kicking off our Cabernet to Care Outreach project!!!  Throw in health issues due to all the smoke, our daughter’s scary medical emergency & an economy that has us all worried…Have I worn you out yet? 

Definately not a lazy summer, but one that puts things into perspective.  Everyone is healthy again, the sky is clear & all that really matters is alive and well…more to come…

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