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Clark-Claudon in Asia
Clark-Claudon Vineyards is an inaugural winery partner of Altruistic Wines, www.altruisticwines.com.  The new company rolled out in April with a Boutique Wines Festival in Hong Kong featuring 30 small artisan wine producers and the culinary creations of:
– Ken Frank of La Toque
– Josiah Citrin of Melisse
– Hosea Rosenberg –the season 5 winner of Top Chef
It was an amazing 6 day whirlwind of dinners, tastings, cultural experiences & great people topped by a $2500 (HK)/person gala. I would travel with that group of vintners & chefs any time any where!

Floods in Tennessee, Heat in Texas & Rain at Home
I returned from Hong Kong and then left for Tennessee two days later to participate in our friend and customer Tim Brinkmann’s Wine and Spirits charity event. Sadly, we were derailed by the floods…

Two weeks later I was off to Texas for a short hot market visit and wine dinner. The dinner at Boo Rays in Fort Worth was a night to remember; like no wine makers dinner I have ever experienced. I felt like I was in the bayou for sure. By the end of the evening I had 70 new Clark-Claudon wine loving friends!

Back in the Napa Valley…
In Tennessee there was record breaking rain and floods and in Texas, no one could remember when it had been so hot so early. Of course at home, we were having more rain than I could remember!

Thankfully, Napa Valley is now having perfectly beautiful warm days and cool nights. Just right for our 2010 vintage! It is good to be home…

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