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CC Shorts; Halloween Harvest

This is one crazy season.  The wet winter was great; we needed the water.  The cool spring and late bud break was not worth worry.   Even the very moderate weather in June and July still left time for things to warm up.  But now, almost half way into August , it isn’t heating up nor are the vines catching up.  In fact, in most areas verasion is barely beginning or not yet happening at all.

Verasion is the transition from berry growth to ripening. when the fruit begins to turn from green to red for red varieties  or golden for white varieties.  Typically harvest begins 60 to 65 days following verasion.  At Clark-Claudon Vineyards we have begun this process which means our harvest will begin in mid October; 30 days later than usual.  Since  we historically have 3 weeks from the beginning of harvest to the end that means we could finish just in time for Halloween.  Vineyards in even cooler areas might be harvesting right up to Thanksgiving!

There are rumors that this cool system is leaving.  I hope that means a warming trend without any rain in sight!

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