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Fish Paired with Cabernet!?

This recipe by Chef Stephen Barber; Fish Story, Lark Creek Group in Napa, defies the general belief that only white wine or light reds should be paired with fish.  In fact, Chef Barber created this recipe specifically to pair with our Estate Cabernet.  I expected him to come up with a meat dish, but not only does this work, it is spectacular! 

I have summarized the recipe below.  The detailed recipe can be found in, Decanting Napa Valley; the Cookbook.

Clark-Claudon Cabernet
Grilled Crispy Skin Wild Salmon with Creamed Corn, Baby Bok Choy & Beurre Rouge Sauce

Ingredients:                                          Beurre Rouge:
Salmon fillets; wild, skin on                1/2 C Clark-Claudon Estate Cab
4 heads baby bok choy                       1/4 C minced Shallots
4 ears sweet corn                                1/2 tsp. red wine vinegar
3/4 C cream                                         8T unsalted butter
olive oil                                                 Garnish:
salt & pepper                                        Pea shoots on top, with a squeeze of lemon & drizzle of olive oil

To Make Beurre Rouge:
Bring wine, shallots, & vinegar to boil
Reduce heat & simmer until liquid is reduced to 2 T
Add 8 T of butter; one at a time wisking continually until thick.
Season with salt & butter.  Hold in warm kitchen spot

Creamed Corn:
Shuck corn & grate on largest side of box grater
Milk cobs by running the back of a knife down them
Bring corn & “milk” to simmer
Add cream, cook for 10 minutes & season with salt & pepper

Bok Choy:
Cut each head in half length wise
Drizzle with olive oil, squeeze of lemon, salt & pepper

To Assemble:
Prepare Grill
Generously sprinke each side of Salmon with salt & pepper
Grill skin side down until skin shrinks and separates from flesh 
Flip and grill until opaque throughout and translucent at very center
Transfere to platter
Grill Bok Choy
Spoon Cream Corn on plate, place Bok Choy on top
Place Salmon, skin side up, on top
Drizzle sauce around. Serves 4

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