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Half Priced Wine & Giving

Since harvest is at least three weeks late this year, I have a bit of time to enjoy the hints of Fall and wonder about other aspects of our business…

What has surprised me, is the lower than expected interest in our Cabernet for Care Program.  We have offered our 2005 Estate Cab, a Parker 94pt wine, for half price with the other half going to the non-profit of your choice!  In other words, the customer gets the wine and the write off.  I thought this would be a brilliant way to raise charitable funds while also giving our customers an amazing deal.

With the needs so great, we allocated 200 cases to this program.  Its not like our wine isn’t selling.  The 2007 sold out in 3 months and the 2008 is perched to break that record. I really don’t get it.  Do you?

Alternatively, recession driven on-line “deals” continue.  It is always frustrating when the deal is unknowingly on our wine.  Oh well, people are doing what they can to attract business and make a little on each sale. But, if deals are what you are after, how about pairing one with a donation? I promise, both will make you feel good!

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One Response to Half Priced Wine & Giving

  1. Dan Nowell says:

    Generous and brilliant concept for supporting non-profits and allow the wine consumer to choose. My reality is cash poor, but I will dig a little deeper and see what I can find. This program should be a model for the wine industry… time to give a little more. Thanks for your efforts and your wines.

    My best, Dan

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