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2012 CC Harvest Decisions

To pick or not to pick, that is the question.  Who decides and how do they do it?  At CC it is a detailed, group decision combining art and science.  First there is the general visiual.  Is verasion, or the coloring of the fruit, finished.  Are the leaves in the fruiting zone, where the clusters hang, beginning to turn yellow.  What direction are the upper leaves directed?  Has plant growth stopped? Then the evaluation becomes more specific.  Are the berries firm, but not hard, are the seeds dark brown and nutty does the juice give off a bit of color?  The data below is the next info considered.

These readings, plus quite a few more, are taken once a week as harvest gets close and every other day as it gets closer.  Yet, the final decision after all the science is done, comes down to the art of taste.  Not a single grape will be picked until the flavors are just right.


2012 Harvest Data
Date Veriatal Vineyard Berry Weight Berry Diameter % Brown Seeds Brix pH TA
11-Sep CF-BLK 3 CCV 1.11 11.691 10 19.7 3.5 5.5
11-Sep PV BLK 2 CCV 1.16 12.326 25 23.9 3.4 6.7
11-Sep CS-BLK 7 CCV 0.642 10.374 75 25.3 3.7 3.9
11-Sep CS-BLK 6 CCV 0.942 11.364 90 24.9 3.6 4.5
11-Sep CS-BLK 5 CCV 0.868 10.469 80 25.5 3.6 4.7
11-Sep CS-BLK 4 (48 outside) CCV 0.895 10.853 90 26.2 3.5 4.8
11-Sep CS-BLK 4    (48 inside) CCV 0.902 11.396 80 25.9 3.5 4.8
11-Sep CS-BLK 2 CCV 0.89 10.974 70 23.2 3.4 5.

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