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Monthly Archives: March 2014

To all who fear opening a waxed Eternity bottle, now you too can be an expert!  Don’t hesitate to educate anyone who brings out a knife or pales at the sight of a waxed bottle.

Why use wax?  Besides being beautiful and adding to the hand crafted nature of our Eternity Reserve Cabernet, the wax slows down the aging process by decreasing the rate of oxygen that the wine breathes.   By using wax and very high quality cork enclosures we are doing our best to assure the breathing process will be very slow and gentle.

For those who prefer young Cabernets, wax allows the wine to remain bright longer.  For those who have learned to love a great aged wine, a wax enclosure gives a wine of this caliber more time to reach its peak while holding on to its vitality.

In earlier times, the wax used for wine enclosures became brittle as it cooled and more so as it aged.  This became the bane for many who found no romance in trying to remove the wax from a beautiful aged wine.  At Clark-Claudon we use a new type of wax that holds on to its elasticity. Waxing is a … Read more

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