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Given the cool season, this year could turn out to be the best or worst of times. I am betting on the best.  Given the micro climates that make up the Napa Valley, the out come will depend on vineyard location & what Mother Nature hands us over the next weeks.

Right now, the Clark-Claudon Vineyards look better than ever.   The cooler temps are allowing the fuit to mature gradually.  Each day they are a little closer to perfection.  Also, due to location, we were 10 degrees cooler than many other sites during the 2 day heat spike.  And lastly, our retro-fited trellis system accomplished what we had hoped in providing perfect “sun hats.” 

I am absolutely betting on an exceptional vintage!… Read more

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This is one crazy season.  The wet winter was great; we needed the water.  The cool spring and late bud break was not worth worry.   Even the very moderate weather in June and July still left time for things to warm up.  But now, almost half way into August , it isn’t heating up nor are the vines catching up.  In fact, in most areas verasion is barely beginning or not yet happening at all.

Verasion is the transition from berry growth to ripening. when the fruit begins to turn from green to red for red varieties  or golden for white varieties.  Typically harvest begins 60 to 65 days following verasion.  At Clark-Claudon Vineyards we have begun this process which means our harvest will begin in mid October; 30 days later than usual.  Since  we historically have 3 weeks from the beginning of harvest to the end that means we could finish just in time for Halloween.  Vineyards in even cooler areas might be harvesting right up to Thanksgiving!

There are rumors that this cool system is leaving.  I hope that means a warming trend without any rain in sight!… Read more

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Financial troubles have motivated some wine distributors, retailers and individuals to sell their wine inventory at extremely discounted prices.  Consequently, there are some very sweet deals out there.  This is good for wine lovers now, but it can cripple small artisan winemakers and have a negative impact on what will be available in the long term. 

 We appreciate all of our customers who have continued to support us and other artisan producers.  Together we are sustaining the art, the passion and the soul found in great wine.… Read more

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Prompted by the film Bottle Shock, there is a lot of talk these days about the famous Paris tasting in 1976.  It was then that everyone realized that Napa Valley could compete on a wine world stage.  In 1998 a similar tasting was repeated in San Francisco with some new additions, including the 1995 Clark-Claudon Cabernet. 

The tasting was organized by Gordon Getty in conjunction with the Headlands Foundation Wine Auction.  A stellar panel of wine gurus blind tasted 42 wines including each French First Growth & every California Cult Cabernet.  In addition, a number of up and coming wineries were included. 

We were pleased just to be invited to participate.  That pleasure turned to pure thrill when we heard that our 1995 Estate Cabernet took a very strong first place.  Again, a Napa Cabernet won the tasting, but not just any Napa Cab, it was ours! 

If that tasting was repeated again today I wonder what the outcome would be.  As Eric Asimov deftly discussed on August 19th; New York Times, The Pour, “The prevailing style of Napa Cabernet today emphasizes power, weight and extravagance.” A very different animal from the wines that won in ’76 or our 1995 … Read more

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We are so excited about this new focus!


  From the vineyard…


















to the bottle…

2004 Clark Claudon Cabernet,



to medical and educational outreach… the circle feels complete. 


Since our Peace Corp experience, hands-on-philanthropy has played an important role in Tom’s & my life.  We learned as young adults that the perceived giver is often the receiver. From Colombia to Nicaragua to Nepal to our own community, we have been touched by amazing people. Hence, besides making great wine, outreach will always be prominent in Clark-Claudon’s mission. 


 To that end, we have allocated 400 cases of Estate Cabernet to our new 50% Outreach program. 


The details: 50% of the proceeds will be donated annually to our family’s chosen charities.  The program will begin with our current 2004 Vintage. Want to join the movement?…order here & now!


The V Foundation and its tremendous support for cancer research stands out as one of the most impressive foundations dedicated to cancer research.   Hence, it will be the first recipient of our new outreach focus.  Funds raised will go directly to the V Foundation’s 2008 Pediatric Grant.  This new program will be kicked off at the V Foundation’s 2008 V Foundation Celebration weekend beginning August 1, 2008. Read more

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