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2007 being bottled, every detail in the vineyard being covered, Paxton Joshua Clark is born, move to Arkenstone Winery soon under way, changes in our winemaking team & beating back the effects of the recession…never a dull moment around here!

Since wine making is about the most regulated business there is we had to send a huge packet to the TTB to prove we are who we have always been & have not become felons etc.  I have been assured that the license will be in our hot hands in time for harvest! 

In the interim; what hasn’t made the cut is being sold on the bulk wine market while used barrels & racks are going too.  Since we experienced such frost damage in 2008, the cream of what was harvested, about 20 barrels of 2008 Cab, will be moving with us to Clark-Claudon @ Arkenstone.  That translates to 500 cases.  Once we go through our evaluation process it may go down to 250!

We are so excited about this upcoming vintage.  In many ways it feels like a new beginning.  It has been 20 years since we began to develop our vineyard…I wonder what the next 20 will bring!… Read more

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I wait way too long to blog.  Then I have more to say than anyone would want to read.  On a day as beautiful as this, I will just recommend a place to enjoy it; Cavallo Point Lodge, Sausalito, California; www.cavallopoint.com

After a recent stay, I can confidently recommend everything about this very special place.  During the day you can enjoy; Golden Gate views, luxurious rooms, relaxing porch time, beautiful hikes and a spa & healing arts center.  Then, at the end of the day, the casual elegance of Murray’s Circle, Marine County’s only Michelin rated resaturant, is perfect.  The menu is artistically crafted by Executive Chef Josheph Humphries while the wine cellar, created by Wine Director Dan O’Brien, is one of the most extensive in the country.  I am pleased to note, it includes multiple vintages of Clark-Claudon Cabernet.

Cavallo Point is also great for day trippers.  Enjoy the lively Farley’s Bar, sit on the long white porch or stay a little longer and soak in the warmth from the fire pit as you watch the evening colors change and the lights come alive in San Francisco.  Cavallo Point Lodge is a destination not to be missed.  … Read more

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We are all hearing such down news every day.  But, there are some good stories out there.  I had to blog about this particular one.  Chuck Jenkins, a wine consultant & educator from Houston, Texas was the winner of the etched 2005 3L we raffled off during Premiere Napa Valley. Rather than just say yahoo and take the wine, Chuck wrote; ” 

“I originally thought that I’d tell you to to sell the bottle and give the proceeds to your favorite charity (I believe you’re involved with several) but on second thought, I’ve decided to take the bottle and will statrt to make annual contributions to whatever charity you’re featuring on your website. (I see it’s the V Foundation right now, so I’ll be sending them a check in your honor).  In the long run, everyone will benefit more, so thank you for getting the ball rolling!”

This again proves that wine can inspire on many levels.  I propose a toast to Chuck! 

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Well, I don’t know if the stars are in line, but the moon was bright orange and beautifully full when I walked to my office this morning.  Don’t be impressed; it is only 20 yards from my house, but it was cold and crisp outside.  Add that orange moon peeking through the trees…absolutely awsome.  

So, what better day to be releasing our 2006 Three Stones.  It too is awsome & perfect for drinking by the fire or with a hearty meal.  At $48 a bottle it won’t break the bank either…of course your bank might already be broken…all the more reason for a $48 Napa Cab…as good or better than many Napa Cabs twice the price.

What could be better; a wonderful wine, at a bargain price while supporting the future of small production wines.

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Reason #1:  Check out the Episodes link on the new site www.wineexpedition.com.  It is the first of three episodes at Clark-Claudon Vineyards.  In the first, Tom is discussing fruit ripeness in the vineyard, next will be bass fishing in the reservoir & then a wine & cheese pairing on the vineyard cottage deck.  I hope you enjoy!

Reason 2:   It is raining! Hallaluja!  We are down 10 inches below normal.  Ugh!  First the economy and now an angry Mother…Mother Nature that is…but, today it is raining…oh the simple pleasures.

Thankfully our reservoir will be full by irrigation time.  Our spring fed creek, dry last fall, is now flowing beautifully.  We have a license to capture some of its wet glory for agricultural use.  Tom engineered a system that takes the water up over the hill and into the reservoir…little by little…it will be full just in time.

Growing grapes & making wine is so much like life; oh, thats right, this is our life…what doesn’t get us will give us character, complexity & grace.  Well, at least that is true for our wine.  

Two reasons to smile! 

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