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If you are looking for small producers with great wine and unique stories, Small Lot Wine Tours; www.smalllotwinetours.com, has just launched a site worth visiting.  We are happy to be one of their featured wineries for the month of December.

The site is not only beautiful, but also very informative.  This month it feature wineries whose mission statments include producing great wine as well as making a difference.  Check it out…

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Last evening, cooking pasta for dinner; Bocelli’s Italian strains wafting through the kitchen…hmmm, calls for red wine…a bottle of CC ’05 left over from a tasting two days ago…why not?…soooo yummmy!  Dark fruit, deep color, richly delicious…A perfect call…the simplicity of cooking pasta, beautiful music and a great glass of wine.   

I always wear a bracelet that says, “Live in the Moment.”   It may sound trite, but it helps me keep things in perspective.  Life is too precious to do it any other way…sending good wishes

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I usually love roller coasters.  They bring back memories of Santa Cruz, California; we whirled, and screamed through steep climbs, spiraling twists & turns. It kind of reminds me of today, but I am not screaming with joy on this roller coaster. 

Everyone in the Napa Valley wine industry has been pretty quiet, but there is no denying that the financial crisis is taking a toll.   Many restaurants & wine shops accross the country have a freeze on buying while those who are adding inventory are generally sticking to the under $30 wines.  It is not yet clear what this will mean.  I suspect that many small wineries & even some large ones will suffer & maybe have to sell.  In fact, Kirkland Winery just went on the auction block.

Family owned, small wineries are the soul of the Napa Valley.  Winemaking & its connection to nature is their passion while they drive quality, create excitement and assure that the legacy of Napa Valley will survive.  After 35 years in the wine industry, I include us in that group.  It is up to consumers to insure that the wineries & stories they have grown to appreciate will continue. This holiday … Read more

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One of the highlights of 2008 was the increasing number of adventourous customers who visited us at the vineyard.   We loved sitting on the vineyard cottage deck, sipping wine, enjoying fruit, bread and cheese, hiking in the vineyard and making new friends from all over the country.  I can’t tell you how many people said their visit to our vineyard was the best part of their trip! 

I think it says a lot about what we all truely appreciate; the personal connection, the natural setting, the sharing of stories & great wine.  Reviews are great, but they can’t capture the essence of place and the passions of the people involved.  Besides, wine is best when it brings people together.

We are definately off the usual Silverado Trail or Hwy 29 path.  Just getting to Clark-Claudon Vineyards is an adventure…  Hope to see you in 2009! 


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Sad to say, there are a growing number of unscrupulous online wine pricing stunts.  One goes like this.  A sought after wine, like Clark-Claudon, is listed online at a discounted price.  The retailer never actually had it, but the customer takes the bait, contacts the retailer and is told, “That wine is sold out, but I have another that might interest you.”  You know how the rest of the story goes…

Another, not quite as sinister, occurs when the retailer does have the wine, but only a few bottles.  The shop discounts that wine again as bait to draw in sales.  Once sold, the wine remains on the discounted list to continue the fishing expedition. 

Due to internet search engines these practices create, “price wars”  because many retailers don’t want to be undercut.  Ultimately, the customer ends up losing.  It is illegal for wineries to, “set a price.” So their only defense is to stop selling their product to retail shops period.  Many of the best wineries have taken this route. 

Thus far, we are only aware of a few instances where our wine was used in a sting operation or caught in the “who has the lowest price” game.  … Read more

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