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Another beautiful WARM day in January!  The daffodils are beginning to pop & the air is balmy…hopefully we will be back to cold temps soon.  I probably should be worried, this doesn’t bode well for the vines, but I happily admit, I am caught up in the optimism that is surrounding the country.  Red, Blue or otherwise.  It feels good to be an American today!

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Sun peeking over the horizon, walking up the steep hill, sky amazingly blue, air crisp and cool, sorting beautiful purple fruit, sweet sticky fingers…ahhh, harvest has begun…

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Sorry for the lack of entries over the last few weeks…Whew! Sometimes life just gets in the way…

I always expect summer to be that lazy break between the craziness of Spring & Fall…silly girl…that just isn’t true!  Three great winemaker dinners in Houston, Texas, marketing the yummy 2004 Estate, ’07 Wild Iris & ’05 Three Stones, final blending of the 2006 Estate & the 2006 Three Stones, preparing the 2005 release…even more yummy?…, sadly assessing 2008 frost damage production loss, label changes for the 2006 Three Stones, preparing for the ’08 harvest….& joyfully kicking off our Cabernet to Care Outreach project!!!  Throw in health issues due to all the smoke, our daughter’s scary medical emergency & an economy that has us all worried…Have I worn you out yet? 

Definately not a lazy summer, but one that puts things into perspective.  Everyone is healthy again, the sky is clear & all that really matters is alive and well…more to come…

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We are so excited about this new focus!


  From the vineyard…


















to the bottle…

2004 Clark Claudon Cabernet,



to medical and educational outreach… the circle feels complete. 


Since our Peace Corp experience, hands-on-philanthropy has played an important role in Tom’s & my life.  We learned as young adults that the perceived giver is often the receiver. From Colombia to Nicaragua to Nepal to our own community, we have been touched by amazing people. Hence, besides making great wine, outreach will always be prominent in Clark-Claudon’s mission. 


 To that end, we have allocated 400 cases of Estate Cabernet to our new 50% Outreach program. 


The details: 50% of the proceeds will be donated annually to our family’s chosen charities.  The program will begin with our current 2004 Vintage. Want to join the movement?…order here & now!


The V Foundation and its tremendous support for cancer research stands out as one of the most impressive foundations dedicated to cancer research.   Hence, it will be the first recipient of our new outreach focus.  Funds raised will go directly to the V Foundation’s 2008 Pediatric Grant.  This new program will be kicked off at the V Foundation’s 2008 V Foundation Celebration weekend beginning August 1, 2008. Read more

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It has been like living in a mushroom cloud around here.  As we all tried to adjust to the dark choking gloom I appreciated our firefighters on a whole new level.  Thankfully most, if not all, of the fires are now contained or under control.  The blue sky has not returned, but at least the air is more tolerable, there is a breeze and clearer skys are on the way.  A week like this puts just plain breathing into perspective.   Thank you Fire Fighters!!!

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