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One of the highlights of 2008 was the increasing number of adventourous customers who visited us at the vineyard.   We loved sitting on the vineyard cottage deck, sipping wine, enjoying fruit, bread and cheese, hiking in the vineyard and making new friends from all over the country.  I can’t tell you how many people said their visit to our vineyard was the best part of their trip! 

I think it says a lot about what we all truely appreciate; the personal connection, the natural setting, the sharing of stories & great wine.  Reviews are great, but they can’t capture the essence of place and the passions of the people involved.  Besides, wine is best when it brings people together.

We are definately off the usual Silverado Trail or Hwy 29 path.  Just getting to Clark-Claudon Vineyards is an adventure…  Hope to see you in 2009! 


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Sad to say, there are a growing number of unscrupulous online wine pricing stunts.  One goes like this.  A sought after wine, like Clark-Claudon, is listed online at a discounted price.  The retailer never actually had it, but the customer takes the bait, contacts the retailer and is told, “That wine is sold out, but I have another that might interest you.”  You know how the rest of the story goes…

Another, not quite as sinister, occurs when the retailer does have the wine, but only a few bottles.  The shop discounts that wine again as bait to draw in sales.  Once sold, the wine remains on the discounted list to continue the fishing expedition. 

Due to internet search engines these practices create, “price wars”  because many retailers don’t want to be undercut.  Ultimately, the customer ends up losing.  It is illegal for wineries to, “set a price.” So their only defense is to stop selling their product to retail shops period.  Many of the best wineries have taken this route. 

Thus far, we are only aware of a few instances where our wine was used in a sting operation or caught in the “who has the lowest price” game.  … Read more

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Prompted by the film Bottle Shock, there is a lot of talk these days about the famous Paris tasting in 1976.  It was then that everyone realized that Napa Valley could compete on a wine world stage.  In 1998 a similar tasting was repeated in San Francisco with some new additions, including the 1995 Clark-Claudon Cabernet. 

The tasting was organized by Gordon Getty in conjunction with the Headlands Foundation Wine Auction.  A stellar panel of wine gurus blind tasted 42 wines including each French First Growth & every California Cult Cabernet.  In addition, a number of up and coming wineries were included. 

We were pleased just to be invited to participate.  That pleasure turned to pure thrill when we heard that our 1995 Estate Cabernet took a very strong first place.  Again, a Napa Cabernet won the tasting, but not just any Napa Cab, it was ours! 

If that tasting was repeated again today I wonder what the outcome would be.  As Eric Asimov deftly discussed on August 19th; New York Times, The Pour, “The prevailing style of Napa Cabernet today emphasizes power, weight and extravagance.” A very different animal from the wines that won in ’76 or our 1995 … Read more

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Sun peeking over the horizon, walking up the steep hill, sky amazingly blue, air crisp and cool, sorting beautiful purple fruit, sweet sticky fingers…ahhh, harvest has begun…

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Sorry for the lack of entries over the last few weeks…Whew! Sometimes life just gets in the way…

I always expect summer to be that lazy break between the craziness of Spring & Fall…silly girl…that just isn’t true!  Three great winemaker dinners in Houston, Texas, marketing the yummy 2004 Estate, ’07 Wild Iris & ’05 Three Stones, final blending of the 2006 Estate & the 2006 Three Stones, preparing the 2005 release…even more yummy?…, sadly assessing 2008 frost damage production loss, label changes for the 2006 Three Stones, preparing for the ’08 harvest….& joyfully kicking off our Cabernet to Care Outreach project!!!  Throw in health issues due to all the smoke, our daughter’s scary medical emergency & an economy that has us all worried…Have I worn you out yet? 

Definately not a lazy summer, but one that puts things into perspective.  Everyone is healthy again, the sky is clear & all that really matters is alive and well…more to come…

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