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Our CC Wine Club is growing!  Members are not only receiving a guaranteed allocation, but also special pricing on all wine orders, unique invitations and little perks along the way. 

I love to share special places in the Napa Valley.  Consequently, each club member recently received a gift from the Napa Soap Company, one of my favorite shops in St. Helena.  Using just the right combimation of essential oils and natural ingrediants, owner Sheila Rockwood’s most important ingrediant is cold pressed grape seed oil.  Her products are luxurious and very limited!  For example, only 50 hand made bars of soap are produced each day.  Not surprising, Cabernet is my favorite!

You can plan to stop by Napa Soap Company the next time you are in St. Helena or visit them at; www.napasoap.com.

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This recipe by Chef Stephen Barber; Fish Story, Lark Creek Group in Napa, defies the general belief that only white wine or light reds should be paired with fish.  In fact, Chef Barber created this recipe specifically to pair with our Estate Cabernet.  I expected him to come up with a meat dish, but not only does this work, it is spectacular! 

I have summarized the recipe below.  The detailed recipe can be found in, Decanting Napa Valley; the Cookbook.

Clark-Claudon Cabernet
Grilled Crispy Skin Wild Salmon with Creamed Corn, Baby Bok Choy & Beurre Rouge Sauce

Ingredients:                                          Beurre Rouge:
Salmon fillets; wild, skin on                1/2 C Clark-Claudon Estate Cab
4 heads baby bok choy                       1/4 C minced Shallots
4 ears sweet corn                                1/2 tsp. red wine vinegar
3/4 C cream                                         8T unsalted butter
olive oil                                                 Garnish:
salt & pepper                                        Pea shoots on top, with a squeeze of lemon & drizzle of olive oil

To Make Beurre Rouge:
Bring wine, shallots, & vinegar to boil
Reduce heat & simmer until liquid is reduced to 2 T
Add 8 T of butter; one at a time wisking continually until thick.
Season with salt & butter.  Hold in warm kitchen spot… Read more

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2nd bottling party

It was a Buen Dia; 'good day'!

…funky barn, yummy wine, sticky fingers, hand filler, purple smiles, crooked labels, family fun, laughter, hand corking, amazing sky, vineyard beauty, new friends…

If you weren’t…you should have been there!

Next Event: October 2010

Barrel Party/2007 Release Celebration/2010 Harvest Party all rolled into one

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2007 being bottled, every detail in the vineyard being covered, Paxton Joshua Clark is born, move to Arkenstone Winery soon under way, changes in our winemaking team & beating back the effects of the recession…never a dull moment around here!

Since wine making is about the most regulated business there is we had to send a huge packet to the TTB to prove we are who we have always been & have not become felons etc.  I have been assured that the license will be in our hot hands in time for harvest! 

In the interim; what hasn’t made the cut is being sold on the bulk wine market while used barrels & racks are going too.  Since we experienced such frost damage in 2008, the cream of what was harvested, about 20 barrels of 2008 Cab, will be moving with us to Clark-Claudon @ Arkenstone.  That translates to 500 cases.  Once we go through our evaluation process it may go down to 250!

We are so excited about this upcoming vintage.  In many ways it feels like a new beginning.  It has been 20 years since we began to develop our vineyard…I wonder what the next 20 will bring!… Read more

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Well, I don’t know if the stars are in line, but the moon was bright orange and beautifully full when I walked to my office this morning.  Don’t be impressed; it is only 20 yards from my house, but it was cold and crisp outside.  Add that orange moon peeking through the trees…absolutely awsome.  

So, what better day to be releasing our 2006 Three Stones.  It too is awsome & perfect for drinking by the fire or with a hearty meal.  At $48 a bottle it won’t break the bank either…of course your bank might already be broken…all the more reason for a $48 Napa Cab…as good or better than many Napa Cabs twice the price.

What could be better; a wonderful wine, at a bargain price while supporting the future of small production wines.

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