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I usually love roller coasters.  They bring back memories of Santa Cruz, California; we whirled, and screamed through steep climbs, spiraling twists & turns. It kind of reminds me of today, but I am not screaming with joy on this roller coaster. 

Everyone in the Napa Valley wine industry has been pretty quiet, but there is no denying that the financial crisis is taking a toll.   Many restaurants & wine shops accross the country have a freeze on buying while those who are adding inventory are generally sticking to the under $30 wines.  It is not yet clear what this will mean.  I suspect that many small wineries & even some large ones will suffer & maybe have to sell.  In fact, Kirkland Winery just went on the auction block.

Family owned, small wineries are the soul of the Napa Valley.  Winemaking & its connection to nature is their passion while they drive quality, create excitement and assure that the legacy of Napa Valley will survive.  After 35 years in the wine industry, I include us in that group.  It is up to consumers to insure that the wineries & stories they have grown to appreciate will continue. This holiday … Read more

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