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 Next week we will offer three new ways for you to enjoy Clark-Claudon.    I can’t wait to share the news with you.  For now, I am watching  a continuous down pour outside my window. 

I have been asked, What does this do to the vineyard?  We were below the needed rain level about a month ago.  Now, we are well over.  The rain has been battering us for days.  The soil is completely saturated and the reservoirs are spilling. 

This can be a set up for terrace slippage and major erosion.  In addition, with bud break coming, heavy rain can knock off the tender buds. Plus, muddy vineyards and tractors do not get along very well.  Consequently, the cultivation that is usually happening at this time is at a standstill.

Thankfully, the erosion control system at our vineyard is serving it well.  To date, we have not lost any terraces and the cover crop & drainage system are preserving the top soil.  We are all hoping the rain will stop by next week.  If it does, all will be well.  As I have said before, growing grapes and making wine is not for the faint of heart!

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2010 has been like a good suspense novel; luring you in slowly and then waking you up with surprise, intrigue and a great cast of characters.  Of course Mother Nature always has the lead roll, but when you learn to dance with her the results  are amazing!

It is that dance that sets Clark-Claudon apart.  Rather than try to control or manipulate what the terrior and season give us it is the balance & joy of the dance that shows in our wines from vintage to vintage.  This is the true art of winemaking.

Our 2010’s from the Wild Iris Sauvignon Blanc to the Estate Cab are already showing tremendous promise.  As I taste through the lots I know 2010 will not just be good, but rather a great vintage for Clark-Claudon.

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Our 2007 Estate Cab will be released tomorrow. The buzz is building! Not only was ’07 the best growing year of the decade, but a meticulous process of tasting, blending and culling led to our smallest production since 1995; only 500 cases.

Our 1995 Estate Cab was included in a Gordon Getty re-play of the Paris Tasting as a prelude to his Imagine Auction in 1998. We were so excited to have our wine included and then extactic to have taken 1st place. The 2007 Estate Cab is a similar wine with beautiful structure, balance and abundant fruit. We can’t wait to release it. This wine will also hold its own with the best of the best!

I had such a good time sharing the 2007 Estate Cab at 2 pre-release tastings in Houston; one for the trade and one at Vin de Garde, a private storage facility.  The buzz started and hasn’t stopped yet!  Once you taste it, you too will be talking!

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2nd bottling party

It was a Buen Dia; 'good day'!

…funky barn, yummy wine, sticky fingers, hand filler, purple smiles, crooked labels, family fun, laughter, hand corking, amazing sky, vineyard beauty, new friends…

If you weren’t…you should have been there!

Next Event: October 2010

Barrel Party/2007 Release Celebration/2010 Harvest Party all rolled into one

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I usually love roller coasters.  They bring back memories of Santa Cruz, California; we whirled, and screamed through steep climbs, spiraling twists & turns. It kind of reminds me of today, but I am not screaming with joy on this roller coaster. 

Everyone in the Napa Valley wine industry has been pretty quiet, but there is no denying that the financial crisis is taking a toll.   Many restaurants & wine shops accross the country have a freeze on buying while those who are adding inventory are generally sticking to the under $30 wines.  It is not yet clear what this will mean.  I suspect that many small wineries & even some large ones will suffer & maybe have to sell.  In fact, Kirkland Winery just went on the auction block.

Family owned, small wineries are the soul of the Napa Valley.  Winemaking & its connection to nature is their passion while they drive quality, create excitement and assure that the legacy of Napa Valley will survive.  After 35 years in the wine industry, I include us in that group.  It is up to consumers to insure that the wineries & stories they have grown to appreciate will continue. This holiday … Read more

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